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Joseph Kaye Guitars  is DEDICATED to re-creating and restoring the PERFECTION of the finest instruments from the 1950's & 1960's.


The guitars that Fender and Gibson made in that period have never been bettered.

"They got it right, first time" using the perfect woods, glues, lacquers and pickups, these vintage classics play in a class of their own...

Joseph Kaye is obsessed with retaining the attention to detail, that makes their guitars sound like these vintage originals....


We use the finest woods ..  Swamp ash, Alder, Maple, Mahogany and rosewood.

The lacquers we use are 100% nitro cellulose, which allows the wood to resonate.


All the pickups we produce are hand wound.. From Single coil pickups, to P90's and vintage Humbuckers.We use hide glue, as synthetic glues create a barrier to vibration. 

All of these factors contribute to making our guitars sound vintage correct - 
We custom create unique one off guitars, each piece is a limited edition of one, custom made for each player. Our finishes are aged naturally
. . Our electronics are C.T.S,  cloth wired or braided, a simple tested process of guitar construction, that produce the purest sonic output .. 

From the luthiers who make the 
necks and the body routing, to the fine art of colour and lacquer,

to the pickup winding and the set up teams.. we all believe in the same simple philosophy:

That using the right materials and the same high standard of craft as the original makers.

The time and patience it takes , does justify the ends, which are the finest hand crafted instruments, that we can possibly make...

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