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His is Roberto de la Garza, he is a Professional Bass Player, Music Teacher and Luthier who lives in Monterrey, Mexico.


his goal is to make the best instruments in my small workshop where I work, All made by hand

With the best materials… Hand carved, old school, Gouges, chisels, saws, planers ... etc.


As Luthier inspires me the great bass players and guitarists, And I think a guitar is more than a working instrument ... is an extension of the musician, That's why my commitment To make your guitar a jewel.


From the beginning of the process of making the guitar,  he puts all the attention to details to develop a unique voice For each musician to whom it is directed.


he admires the work of Masters Luthiers Such as Robert Benedetto, Tom Ribbecke, Linda Manzer, Carl Thompson, Jens Ritter ... His work is an example and an inspiration.


                                                                 LEAD TIME FOR A BUILD 5-8 MONTHS


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