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Vacuum Tube Booster & Tone Sweetener || The Tone-Nugget


The Tone-Nugget Vacuum Tube Booster & Tone Sweetener by Crucial Audio will Sweeten & Boost your Sonic Image.  Featuring Crucial Audio’s critically acclaimed Vacuum Tube Circuitry. The Tone-Nugget contains the sweetening ingredient from our legendary Echo-Nugget & Time Warp Vacuum Tube Analog Delays. GAIN, TONE & OUTPUT Levels deliver up to 27dBv of Boost. TONE Control dials in the Sweet Spot from Deep Dark to Super Bright. Pedal Board Friendly Chassis & Powered by 9Vdc (1A) Power Adapter. Take your sound to a Higher level by ordering The Tone-Nugget today!


Boutique Twin-Triode Tube Tonality for your Pedal Board!

Sweeten your sound and increase your signal with The Tone-Nugget Vacuum Tube Booster by Crucial Audio.  As The Tone-Nugget features a selected 12AX7 Twin Triode tube. The sweetening ingredient from our legendary Echo-Nugget. Proprietary High Voltage/Low Noise valve circuit is powered from a standard 9Vdc power supply. Ready for your pedal board! Gain, Tone and Output Level controls help take your tone to a higher level. The Tone-Nugget delivers a big sound in a small package. Things just got real. High Voltage Class A Boutique Level circuitry in an affordable, compact, rugged package. Pre-Order your new secret weapon now. Details Below…

Enter the Tone-Nugget Vacuum Tube Booster & Tone Sweetener

The Tone-Nugget features Crucial Audio’s critically acclaimed vacuum tube circuitry; used on stages & recording studios worldwide for over fifteen years. Inspired by the Echo-Nugget’s tonal improvement ability. The Tone-Nugget Vacuum Tube Booster delivers a ton of pure tube ear candy. Pedal Board friendly power & size. Luxuriously Organic Tone combined with reliable performance. Crucial Audio products are loved & endorsed by world leading artists, engineers & producers. Boost & Sweeten your sonic image with The Tone-Nugget by Crucial Audio.

The Tone-Nugget and all Crucial Audio’s products are Designed, Assembled, and Tested in the USA. Long Live Analog!

Take your sound to a higher level. Order The Tone-Nugget Vacuum Tube Booster today!

Tone-Nugget Product Features:

  • Selected 12AX7A Vacuum Tube – High Voltage Plates
  • GAIN & OUTPUT Levels deliver up 27dBv of Boost.
  • MAXIMUM OUTPUT of 19.9 dBv
  • Low Noise Class A Design
  • TONE Control – Mixable Low Pass and High Pass Filters provide Tones from Deep Dark to Super Bright.
  • Input Sensitivity Pad
  • No Op-Amps in Audio Path
  • True Bypass Switching
  • 9Vdc Power Supply (included)
  • Rugged Construction
  • Pedal Board Friendly Chassis Dimensions: 119.08mm x 93.68mm x 79.38mm (4.688″ x 3.688″ x 3.125″)


The Tone Nugget

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