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Krivo pickups are critically acclaimed, innovative boutique pickups for working musicians, personally hand made by Jason Krivo Flores in Portland, Oregon USA.

I use only the highest quality components including: AGW 44/43 magnet wire, genuine Switchcraft™connectors, and expensive audiophile grade Mogami™ cable. What truly sets Krivo Pickups apart from the competition, however, is the use of neodymium magnets and my proprietary Optimized Microphonics™ technique.  While several pickup makers have experimented with neodymium, I am one of the few who focus exclusively on this innovative new magnet—all of my designs are proprietary circuits designed with the unique properties neodymium in mind. Each design is painstakingly matched and designed to compliment its particular instrument. Because neodymium magnets are very strong, I am able to create very small and thin coils—great for fitting on guitars with low action—while retaining a high output and top-end clarity and providing a very clean and tight bass response. The overall result is a much more natural tone with the ability to achieve a very high volume before feedback. Furthermore, I do not “pot” my pickups  in wax or epoxy like the makers of most mass-produced pickups. Instead, I allow a controlled degree of microphonics which allows the pickup to sense vibrations from the top and fingerboard of the instrument as well as from the strings. The foregoing technique allows me to produce a far more natural “acoustic” sound than other magnetic pickups.  Additionally, I have been delving into the subtle magic of eddy currents to fine-tune the high end response of my pickups and to beautify and warm up the sometimes piercing treble response of neodymium: Placing various ferrous and non-ferrous metals within the magnetic field of a pickup absorbs particular frequencies. 


     Krivo pickups are a collaboration between their designer—me, Jason Krivo Flores—and the community of players that use them. Each and every Krivo Pickup is personally hand made and tested by myself in Portland Oregon USA.  When you purchase a Krivo pickup you are supporting a small family owned business and I am accountable to YOU: my players. If you ever need support or repairs I will personally take care of your needs and absolutely guarantee you will have a pickup you love—or  I will happily give you your hard-earned money back.  All of my current models have been (and continue to be) refined and perfected from player requests, criticisms, and encouragement



Krivo Stealth Bucker

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