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The price is all inclusive price as this is an import piece from outside the EU


This pedal mirrors the Dumble amplifiers in many ways. The Holy grail overdrive is a simple somewhat homely looking pedal and its knobs and and jack s appar to be labelled with a label maker. The controls are Drive Tone Accent and Volume and features a comp/open voicing switch jaust like the Dumble Overdrive Special Jazz/Rock.

Next level when it comes to seet touch sensative overdrive and very clean transparent boost. The Dumble tones that this littlle box produces has to be experienced.


In comp mode , tones like Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, a nice woody full tone switch to oopen Robben Ford Santanna. There is a bit of headroom in this pedal it can be used as an organic boost to full on overdrive special. The Drive control gently ramps up the gain while the accent controls the sensitivity and dynamics that correspond with the input coming from the instrument.





Auminium control plate

Tolex oe suede enclosure

Controls :- Drive, tone, Accent, Volume

Two way toggle swith Comp/OPen

PCB construction

Run off 9v battery or external 9v DC power source

Dimensions 120mm 35mm 95mm

weight 350g


G Town Holy Grail Overdrive

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