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Echo-Nugget Vacuum Tube Analog Delay with Output Level & Tone Controls


The Echo-Nugget delivers the warm tone of a boutique tube preamp combined with the classic sound of a pure Analog Delay. You get more reliable performance, and lower maintenance than a tape echo. The Echo-Nugget is a true analog delay (no digital required) and represents what we consider to be the best in tonal landscaping. Described as Luxurious and Organic Sounding The Echo-Nugget is loved by world leading artists, engineers & producers. The Echo-Nugget Vacuum Tube Analog Delay is a viable and critically acclaimed alternative to the magnetic tape echoes. Consequently delivers warmer tone than the digital delays, modelers and other solid state analog delays.

Order The Echo-Nugget today at a fraction of the price of a tape echo and get great sound with a fraction of the hassles.



Do you love the sound of a Tape Echo, but hate its cost & reliability?

Are you considering the purchase, or do you own a Tape Echo?  Are you also concerned or tired of dealing with the hassle and maintenance required to keep the tape echo in good operating condition? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions consider The Echo-Nugget Vacuum Tube Analog Delay by Crucial Audio. The Echo-Nugget delivers more reliable performance, and lower maintenance than a tape echo. And is available at a fraction of the price.


Enter the Echo-Nugget Vacuum Tube Analog Delay

The Echo-Nugget is also critically acclaimed by