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This is an all solid 1950s or late 40s East German black archtop. In my opinion one of the best sounding German German archtops I have ever played. All solid, superbly carved spruce top and maple back. Deep body. 26 (!!)frets with high radius ebony fretboard. An unassuming looking guitar that has a superb range in tone, fast explosive attack and brilliant sustain. A pro instrument, made to cut through that German Swing band sound.
Unusual is the glued in neck - most later East German model had a standardised Staufer bolt on neck.   This is clearly made by one of the German master workshops  and easily compares with Seifert, Roger, Lang or Glassl guitars. Guitar has a  well repaired  and stabile crack in bottom side ( looks worse on picture than it is.)

East German all solid sound wonder

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