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Peche a La Mouche 

The front face
The front face of the Deluxe model is made of laminated wood to assure extra strength. It is covered with such precious woods as birdseye maple and rosewood

The speakers
The speakers are built according to our own specifications (« Al/Ni/Co ») in the same way as the « Vega » model that equips the Stimer amplifier


The Amplifier
The heart of the amplifier: the electronic plate, wired point by point, is entirely hand built

The Specification

Power 6W RMS for « Daphné » and « Deluxe » 8″ or 10″ speakers (app. 25 watts)

Power 12W RMS (Push-Pull) 10″ speaker for « Deluxe Jazz model »  (app.50 watts)

8″ or 10″ speakers made with Al/Ni/Co magnets (made in USA)

Two inputs high and low impedances (6.35 jacks)

Power and tone adjustements
Input and outupt (jacks 3.5/mono)

Weight 7,8 kg for the « Deluxe » and 8 kg for the « Daphné »
Dimensions : Heigh 38.5cm / Large 33cm / Depth 15cm

Tubes:  6CA4 /  EL84 / 12AX7 (ECC83) for 6W « Daphné » and « Deluxe »
Tubes: two EL84 / 12AX7 (ECC83) for 12W « Deluxe Jazz model »

All prices excl. shipping and handling. Subject to price and technical modifications
Available on request in 110V version

£ 1150 The Amplifier 

£     40 for the bag

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